Does A New Home Need An Inspection?

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The overall investment in a new home is one if not the largest investment of your lifetime. The buying process is loaded with decisions, emotion and stress. An independent inspector is another unbiased information source which can provide additional information about the home from someone who has only your best interest at heart.

Your realtor and your builder are both there to serve you and their advice is valuable in the process. Both want to do a good job for you. However; they only get paid when the purchase is completed. Whether you are purchasing a home which has already been built or having a home constructed to your specifications, an inspector is paid when you are provided with a detailed professional report.

The building of a home is complex and involves many separate professionals and skilled trades. The interface between these trades is critical but the division of responsibility is not always clear. Tremendous responsibility is placed on the general contractor or the quality inspector for the builder. Look at the number of homes being built today. Is this single point of responsibility sufficient to insure the quality you expect?

A phased inspection for homes under construction will provide even more insight to the quality and identification of oversight issues. Usually completed in three phases, this inspection can pinpoint problems before the foundation is poured or problems which will soon be covered by insulation and drywall. Many of these problems may never be identified after construction is completed but will always be there. It may result in that unexplained cold draft on a winter night, or that periodic smell of sewage in the guest bath. Maybe you are hanging a picture and a nail pierces a waterline which is installed incorrectly. The builder would most likely accept responsibility and repair the damage but consider the inconvenience. But, maybe it is a gas line you puncture.

Compared to the cost of the home, the cost of a professional inspection buys significant peace of mind.