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One important key to a quality home is to keep a close relationship with the site superintendent or “builder”. Visit the home site often and communicate your questions and concerns.

Many builders make it difficult for the buyer to have a “third party” inspector. They may tell you that your inspection is not needed. That they have their own independent inspector and the home is also inspected by the city inspectors. Their inspector works from a short checklist provided by the builder. City inspectors perform an important function. However, they are focused on code compliance and do not do a “whole home” inspection

They attempt to limit accessibility and put unreasonable limits on what the inspector can do and access.

There are three primary phases of inspection

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The first phase is the foundation or “pre-pour” inspection

This is performed just prior to the concrete being placed or poured.

Some items inspected are;
Form boards
Proper beams and footings
Vapor barrier

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