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Moving into your dream home soon? That’s great! Moving out? No problem. Make sure your home’s ready for you to move in or in salable condition by hiring our experienced residential inspector to check it out for you. He’ll inspect everything from top to bottom, then review the resulting report with you so you’ll know exactly what’s what. He exceeds state standards to give you the best residential inspection possible.

Trust your home’s security to us by scheduling your next home inspection with Gibbs Residential Inspections in Plano, Texas. We also serve McKinney, TX and the entire Dallas area.

Invest in your future with a real estate inspection

Invest in your future with a real estate inspection

Not sure if you should spend the extra money to inspect a house you’re interested in buying or selling? Here are four reasons why you should:

  • Discover potentially expensive issues
  • Identify hidden health hazards
  • Take care of last-minute repairs
  • Make the house more marketable

Don’t let structural problems or pest infestations bring down your home’s value. We even conduct mold inspections and infrared inspections to give you peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule a real estate inspection for your North Dallas area, Plano or McKinney, Texas home.