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Pre-Owned Homes

What Is A Buyer's Inspection

The entire process of home buying can be a stressful time. This is addressed in What Really Matters by Nick Gromicko. Finally finding that perfect home takes away a lot of the stress but you still have many questions like “Is the foundation sound?” or “What about the roof?” An independent professional real estate inspection can reduce many of these doubts a certified inspector can ensure there are no hidden surprises for the buyer or the realtor.

Mold testing is also available during home inspections. 

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New Build

An inspection of a new home is highly recommended. Most builders intend on providing a quality home. However, With one Construction Manager and multiple trades it is easy to check every step. Many builders have their own third party inspector but they work from a builder provided check list. I follow the Texas Real Estate Standards of Practice and the Inter-NACHI Standards of Practice.

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Phased Inspections

Phased inspections allow evaluation of structural systems which may not ever be viewable again.

A pre-pour inspection. This is just befor the concrete is placed.

A presheetrock inspection is performed after all plumbing, electrical installaton and all duct work hasbeen completed but befor the insulation or drywall haas been installed.

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Mold Inspections
Do you really need a mold inspection?

Mold is in every home. It is not normally an issue unless it starts to flourish and form colonies.

The need for professional remediation depends on the affected area and location of the mold. Also, if any family has health issues or an immune deficiency mold testing is recommended.

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Infrared inspection?

Thermal imaging - a valuable tool.

In these photos you can see dark and light areas. In one photo the dark areas show moisture leaking from an upstairs bath.

 In the other set of photos  the light areas in the ceiling show where the builder omitted some of theinsulation.