Finding Hidden Problems

What is Thermal Imaging?

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection, Residential Inspectors Near North Dallas, Plano and McKinney, TX

Thermal imaging is using infrared technology to view and photograph the temperatures radiating or reflecting from materials and surfaces. Properly evaluated this gives the technician information to identify moisture issues, deficient insulation, air leakage and other issues relating to the performance, efficiency and safety of a structure. Using the photographs can dynamically display the deficiency.

What Thermal Imaging is not?

Thermal imaging does not radiate waves of any type. It is not a hazard to people or pets. It does not allow the operator to see through walls or other materials.

What thermal imaging does.

Thermal imaging allows the technician to find otherwise hidden deficiencies.

The left picture shows a dining room ceiling. Everything looks normal to the naked eye. The dark blue areas in the right picture show areas of moisture coming from a hidden plumbing leak on the second floor.

These pictures are from a new construction inspection. The left picture shows the master bedroom ceiling. The light colored areas in the right picture show where insulation was not installed. The energy loss and the inability to properly control the temperature would have plagued the homeowners for as long as they lived in the home.